Dark Touch Movie Review

Ok in the opening title it says in big bold letters “Irish Productions” great that means it’s going to be Holy Cow scary. Now shut the kids up from screaming already, sorry.
The Netflix summary of this movie is as follows:
After a remote country house takes on a malevolent persona and kills 11-year-old Neve’s family, no one believes her claim that her home is to blame.

This absolutely makes NO SENSE. Never did they say yes it’s the house. My summary is: Neve’s parents beat the tar out of her and her 6 month old brother. Everytime Neve cries freaky stuff happens which in turn kills her family in a fire as well as accidentally squeezing the life out of her little brother when they took shelter in a closet. The family who take her in was an old friend of the families and her family. Well they enroll her into a private school and these two siblings are being abused and she goes to their house and sees what is happening and ends up killing everybody there. The next day she tells the pregnant guidance counselor that SHE (not the house) is killing everyone when she cries and objects fly around. Then few minor mishaps happen til the point Neve Snaps go all crazy and brainwashes the kids who are the kids of the family that took her in and takes them back to the house where it all started. The parents end up finding them and Neve ends up killing everybody including her self.

No where in the story was there and “hey this is why she is like how she is and she is possessed or just down right insane”. Honestly I thought this was going to be like the movie Orphan and everything twists and turns and what not. But no you are just waiting for what isn’t going to come. I can say picture wise it was a 4 star. Story line was a 2. Actors was a 4. So I would give this movie on the star chart a 3 cuz there is no 2.5.
Now time for me to put away laundry and fold the next batch.


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