March is here!!!!!!!!! Part one

Oki doki this is how I really intended to do my blog. Every week I am going to post 1 BIG post with everything on it normally on Sundays since it’s the end/beginning if the week. So Allonsy!!!!

So for you crochet people out there:
I know we are coming out of winter but I thought maybe one more throw since this crazy weather and wouldn’t it be nice to curl into a throw that you made with a good book and a cup of tea or coffee???? Is pattern I found on laying it all out newsletter haven’t made it yet, looks a little intimidating for I am at the beginner transitioning to the intermediate level. This pattern is advanced. Hope you enjoy.
For all you knitters: I don’t knit what’s so ever. I’m blond, and left handed, so the whole hand eye coordination doesn’t work for me. But I can at least try lol. Hope you enjoy cuz these look comfy
For all you writers: create an amazing character for your story by interviewing them.


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