Criminal Minds season one

Criminal Minds season one

Ok so I know this tv series has been out forever the first season was aired in 2004-2005. I have seen this season before but never in order I alway end up catching reruns on A&E or Spike TV (I am in no way affiliated with their network and no I am not getting paid for reviews from them). So onward….TO VICTORY!!!!! No but seriously let’s get to the good stuff.

Criminal Minds is about the FBI Behavior Analysis Unit, who “Psycho analyzes” crime scenes through out America and one down in Mexico.


Jason Gideon who is portrayed by Mandy Patinkin, is the best profiler who has PTSD. He is called in by Agent Hotchner to clear him to proceed as a behavior profiler.

Aaron “Hotch” Hotchner who is portrayed by Thomas Gibson is the unit chief of the BAU and is the only agent who is married with a kid.

Elle Greenway is played by Lola Glaudini she is the newest member of the team who came from Seattle, Washington after the first episode. And is secretly fluent in Spanish.

Derek Morgan is played by Shemar Moore (who by the way is HAWT!!!) specializes in fixations and obsessive behaviors. He is Hotch’s intern to be next Unit Chief. Has a big brother effect on Dr. Spencer Reid and is very flirtatious with the ladies especially with punk rocker Penelope Garcia, however this relationship is more playful then serious.

Dr. Spencer Reid is perceived by Matthew Grey Gubler (another cutie in a nerdy sorta way….I’d date him 😉 ) he is the Brainiac of the team with an IQ of 187 and can read 20,000 words a minute with an eidetic memory (whatever that is Reid). Is also the youngest member of the team and was hand picked by Gideon. He has 2 bachelor degrees and 3 PhDs. Not only is he the brains of the group but he specializes in Statistics and geographical profiling.

Jennifer “JJ” Jareau protected by A.j. Cook works closely with the police force and the media. Even though we don’t know a lot about her character we do know she collected butterflies as a kid and loves the Red Skins.

Penelope Garcia is the spunky tech geek analyst working for the BAU is played by Kristen Vangness. She is also a very good hacker and obviously knows her stuff… I would but her as the FBI version of “Abbey” (from NCIS).

favorite characters
Dr. Spencer Reid (all time favorite)
Derek Morgan (come on y’all he’s Smexy!!!)
Penelope Garcia (I love her spunkiness)

favorite episodes in season one
Episode 14 “Riding the Lightning”
Episode 16 “The Tribe”

All time favorite episode in season one
Episode 16 “The Tribe” loved it cuz I love the Native American culture and I Love BlackWater’s (Gregory Cruz) voice.

season finally
Honestly I loved it and hated the final episode. Because it’s in two parts, the first being the ending of season one and the second part being the beginning of the second season. Which it did leave of at a good cliff hanger.

***** of *****


Ok so I kinda started this blog without telling you who I am. My name is Kimberlyn Storm and I will be 21 at the end of November. I am a homeschool graduate, and I graduated when I was 16. I am now a CNA (for those who don’t know that is a certified nursing assistant) as well as an EKG technician. My dream job is to be a librarian, a writer of my own books, and an editor for others (I hate editing my own work cuz in my mind it’s write and therefore is grammatically correct unless it’s like “the dog over the moon” type stuff). I’m married to a wonderful guy who is in the military. We have 2 four legged creatures running around; one is a husky/Shepard mix who is a year and a half and is a menace. Her name is Willow. The other is a three month old boxer mix who is just the sweetest thing your ever meet. I have never had a better dog then him ever! My husband M has named him Grizzly. So yea there is a little autobiography about me, I really kinda felt stupid just posting about Criminal Minds and that was it for the night. So I tagged on an about me….Well you’ve read it, ATLEAST I hope y’all did. Anyway I’m rambling so I’m going to get off of here so I can read and watch some more movies. in the immortal words of Dr. Who ALLONSY!!!!!



A Night with a Vampire

A Night with a Vampire

I was in a dark den, the only light was from the crackling of a fire place in a hearth, that took up the whole wall. The crackle of the fire were like bullets bouncing around in my brain, groaning I put my head in my hands.
“I’m glad to see you awake.” A deep voice spoke in front of me. Snapping my head towards the voice, only to feel like electricity shoot down my spine. “Here, for your headache. I’m sorry for the bump on your head.” A bottle of water and ibuprofen appeared in front of me. Guzzling the water down without a second thought. Then it clicked, last night’s events came back to me. Martha my best friend in the world, had set me up with a guy from her office as a blind date. The guy decided to bailed at the last minute and another male that was inhumanly gorgeous slid into the seat across to me. We chatted for a while and ate dinner, he said since we were both alone we could keep each other company as we enjoyed our meal. From what I can pull from the fuzzy memories his name wish Silas and he was from somewhere in Europe… Ireland??? Scotland????
“You were the one who sat with me after my date bailed.” My voice croaked unattractively. The man sat back in a high backed red winged chair, his dark brown hair reached down to his hips and glowed ember from the dance of the fire. Silas’ angular face was adorn with ruby eyes and dusty pink plump lips that had fangs protruding from under his upper lip. I knew that those abnormally elongated canines should have scared me but oddly I’m calm.
“You must forgive me but, I have glamoured you, so you wouldn’t run away without me able to explain. See, I am old and I have yet to find a companion to tell my stories to….until last night.” Silas said leaning closer as he settles his weight on a cane that had a crystal dark blue orb on top that was set onto a twist of metal vines.
“Glamoured??? And how the hell are you old, you look a day over twenty-five.” I exclaimed. Silas’ chuckle sounded like hot chocolate on a freezing winter morning, warm and kind. His warmth stayed out of his cold lonely eyes. Only thin did he was older then he looked.
“Glamour in is a basic technique of my kind that can either erase memories or impels a person to do something at a vampires will.” Silas watched me as he explained, he must have seen my eyes explode out of my head. Because seconds later I was soothed by a sense of warm bubble bath. “I was turned after my last gladiator fight in 402 A.D. I have been a gladiator, a Viking, a highlander, a king, a prince, a general and many other statuses…. Just no one to share this lonely god forsaken world with.” Silas grew grim and silent until he looked at me with a longing in his eyes, “please will you give me your name again, you just look like someone I have met once and I don’t want to mix you two.”
“My name is Christine.” I blushed not knowing why I was all of a sudden attracted to this man whom I should have been terrified of ’cause you have Stockholm Syndrome stupid, you just got done studying this in pysch 101′ I mentally kicked myself.
“Christine…such a fitting name for a beautiful companion.” He seemed to forget that I was there and was talking to himself ‘See he’s a delusional psychopath. How do you know those teeth aren’t glued to his head?’ My internal self yelled at me.
“Why do you need a companion?” His head snapped towards me as he snarled at me ‘wait for it his fang will fly out any moment if he keeps on doing that.’ Putting up my hands in an ‘I surrender’ “easy buddy I’m not food. I’m just asking questions.”
“Because, my darling I am dying and my people have had companions so they can spend their last moments feeling like they belong somewhere in their darkest time. Someone who will listen to the stories of their life.” He played with his cane like a kid would with a basketball, dropping it a few millimeters off of the floor just to pull it back up again. ‘Keep talking stupid, it will stall him out so someone will notice you are missing.’
“Why are these stories so important?” His response was the saddest thing I have ever heard, his facial expression looked like he lost everything even thought he lived in a million dollar house and looked to have everything anyone would have ever wanted.
“Everyone has their reasons mine is not so much for the stories rather then just for someone to be there with me as I die and know that they don’t see me as a monster. I have lived for one thousand six hundred and twenty seven years and everyone I have ever loved has all died and turned to dust in the ground, or feared me and ran way or was torn from me by others who thought I was a monster. I have waited for this day for one thousand six hundred and ten years two months, three weeks, six days, twenty three hours and thirty seconds. Only because I knew that when I transpired I would have finally found my companion that knew my every betrayal, every love affair…Every person I have saved….each that I have murdered… And not be afraid of me.” Without knowing I had leaned in until my hand caressed his, I found tears running down his cheeks and a look like he was reliving every moment of his long life.
“You really have it down to a science there don’t cha.” I whispered trying to easy the mood that laid so thickly around us that I swear that if I moved any part of my body again it will send a ripple through the atmosphere. I only got a slight scuff for my comment as he stared at our hands in appreciation. “Please Silas, tell me a story” my internal self slapped her forehead but I just ignored her and went with my gut. Who is to say that vampires don’t exists, sure he maybe crazy and may kill me but this man will just have to prove the latter. “Prove to me you are not a psychotic sociopath that wants to drain me dry for some fetish.” He lips then slowly spread into a grin revealing those pearly whites “nu uh not proof enough those could be glued on. Or some dentist filed them that way.” His fangs retracted like the vampires you see on True Blood, to tell you the truth I was terrified now and hoped that I didn’t show it.
“I have to hear it from you, Christine. Or it won’t be offical.” Looking at him confused he explained, “it’s how a companionship with vampires work. No, paper work just your word. A “I solemnly swear” type bound by your voice.”
“First take your glamour off of me, wouldn’t you want me willingly then knowing that you are forcing someone to be with you. If Merriam-Webster changed his definition on acceptance and understanding in the last few hours then we are screwed.” At that he laughed a full hearty laugh.
“I knew choosing you was the right choice, Christine. You haven’t been glamoured since I told you cuz then what was the point cuz then you would be just causing more pain and loneliness then true companionship.” ‘Well he does seem logical and his fangs did freakishly vanish….now we gotta check you out to see if your sanity is still intact.’ As I argued with my self, Silas sat there silently waiting for my decision as he gently rubbed his thumb along the back of my hand where they were still caressing his. ‘Fine, if I get out of this alive I will go get a cat scan.’
“Then yes, Silas….I, Christine vow to be your companion.”

Hello everybody this is just the first of ‘A Night with a Vampire’ sorry if this sounds like a ninth grader’s best. Artist doodle, I on the other hand piece random words together and come up with a scene that is in my head. Whether it makes sense or not. Any-who every Wednesday night I will try my best to write a new installment of Silas and Christine. If you have any ideas on the era he should tell please don’t hesitate to contact me. The picture I have no clue who it is from but if you (the reader) drew it I love it and I will totally take it down if you want it to be taken down or if you want credit for it that is fine no problem just tell me and I will do it. Again sorry for the grammatical and sentence structural errors honestly I only spent two hours on it and didn’t do anything fancy to it. I’m going to put a link down here to a YouTube video (Breathe into me by RED) love the song reminds me of how Silas sees Christine as being his breath of life. So yea I guess I will probably do this on Wednesday as well. I’m almost done with season one of Criminal Minds so keep check back for a review on that and more. I also have made a group and page on Facebook called darkestXrose blog if y’all want to follow and if you can’t contact me here, you can Definately contact me there. So yea y’all have a good night and


I forgot

I forgot

Sorry everyone I totally forgot it had this and I wanted to start up a new one. So blonde moment number 692!
So anyway movies I have seen in the last week:
Nymphomanic: Volume one
A self- diagnosed nymphomaniac reveals a lifetime of sexual experiences to a man who saves her from being beaten in an ally.

I can see why it got 2 stars on Netflix it was horrible! I didn’t even finish it I fell asleep not even a quarter of the way through it and M watched the rest without me, since he has a thing for if I start a movie I’m going to finish it. I before I fell asleep through it, the girl is laying in the alley and looks homeless rather than beaten. And the old man I thought was more like a therapist rather then stranger. I mean come on who in there right mind tells a stranger about how addicted to sex they are. And in one story she tells the little girls turn son the bath and throws water on the floor and takes there under garments off (there clothes remain on) and they lay there moving back and forth in the water on there bellies. While watching this my thoughts were what pervert let their kids do this scene and what pervert is paying them and others to think this crap up. And another thing as to how does going back and forth on your tummy how those girls did get them off? And why didn’t the parents seem concern? All in all, this movie was stupid, utterly stupid, so my rating is .5 out of 5 stars. I mean not even worth actually making a movie about it.

Old boy
After being unaccountably held captive for years, Joe Doucett is suddenly released. Now, his only mission is to hunt down and punish his captors.

One netflix it has a 4 or 5 star rating and it Definately deserved it. M picked it out once I woke back up on Sunday very good. Has a few big actors in it as well as a good twisty turns plot. The plot just really is amazing, at one moment your are like ok is this going to be one of those movies that the main actor is trapped into this room for the next few years??? But then you see him training by punching a wall or the metal door, then writing letters to the daughter that he only sees on the news or on a hit real crime tv show. Or trying to get out. When he does get out holy cow Every day CEO turns into a mean green fighting machine bad ass it was amazing then he finds this girl starts falling in love then BAM PLOT TWIST new Villian and the guys story and the reasoning behind the kidnaping totally didn’t see this one coming. First movie I have seen that had this type of story line in it (not telling you I want y’all to see it and find out and then tell me your thoughts about it.) I give this movie a 5 out of 5 stars.

Dexter season 7
Thank god Deb finally figures that Dexter is a serial killer. But Dexter’s blonde haired love interests are really starting to get old and repetitive. I love Dexter don’t get me wrong I still love Dexter and the ending WOW. I give the series a 5 out five stars

Mind Hunters
Sequestered on a remote island, a training program for a nefarious FBI division called Mind Hunters is actually har boring a serial Killer.

My thoughts on this “pre ugly Val Kilmer ” movie (i love Val Kilmer as an actor I really do but he was hot back in the batman day now like everyone else he has aged) was very very good loved all the actors. I gave it a four on Netflix just because the lady who played in cold case you thought the movie was going to go into her background more through out the movie rather then at the very end. They did however hint and mentioned bits and pieces of what happened to her. But all in all very suspenseful.

Hello sister, Goodbye Life

A spoiled college student must grow up quickly when her estranged father and step mother die and she becomes the guardian of her young half sister.

First thoughts holy Molly it’s the lady from emperor’s new groove Sweet I love her voice. Then it was my god this kid is a freaking brat. But anyway, typical cliche everyone is hunky dory and live happily ever after in this huge mansion. The sisters get along , the mom is a typical. I gave it four stars just cuz it was cliched.

Right now I am watching the first season of Criminal Minds, I am in love with Dr Reed. Anyways on to the books I’ve been reading.
In the last week or two I have finally finished J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series, read a few starts of another series and a stand alone book that I’m not to sure of.

The King By J.R. Ward

Love it, 5 stars. Can’t wait for more. I hope she does a Iam,Trez, a Lassiter book. Not really understanding how assail and Sola fit into this series but all in due time Mrs. Ward will tell us.

Iron Hunt by Majorie M. Liu

Hated it I gave it 1 star. Good story plot but how it was presented was terrible and choppy and the grammar nazis would have a field day. Would exspect this from a fan fiction novelist not a “professional” author. Seems like a poorly written and edited first draft, on top of being lost throughout the whole book(grant it it is the first book in the series). As well as, to many unanswered questions for it as it said being the first book in the series at least give us some background as far as the main characters and why the demons were locked away. So all in all 1 1/2 stars only because I liked raw, zee, and aaz and the fact that the last few chapters finally sparked my interest.

Tiger Eye by Majorie M. Liu

Loved it I ended up giving it four stars on Goodreads. I really can’t review it without telling you the major plot points and that would be absolutely no fun.

The City by Dean Koontz

I gave this book 1 star just because I Couldn’t finish it. Couldn’t get into it, I’m more into paranormal romance. So wasn’t against Dean Koontz that I didn’t like it just wasn’t my style of reading.

Now I am reading Henna House by Nomi Eve, so far it is a good book, I’m stretching out my feelers and reading different genres but idk about this book but I will finish it and get back to you.