Books I have Read this year an the Reviews Cont’d

Book #18: Teardrop (Teardrop #1) By; Lauren Kate ****

This came from my review via Good reads.

Oki doki so far in the prologue all I can think about is ‘Heroes’  favorite line in season one “save the cheerleader, save the world”.
Edited 1/8/2014
Oki doki I finished the book. All in all I liked how this book was for the start of a series. I loved the characters excpecially Ander and the twins. Rhoda reminded me way to much of my step mom and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes everytime the shrink was mentioned in her dialogue. Only thing that really got to me was not enough one on one time with brook (when he was normal) and Eureka and same for Ander and Eureka. The Seerbears needed to have more roll in this one and also I thought Anders should have given alittle more insight to the “myth” cuz honestly if I was in Eureka’s shoes I would have been “Look buddy you need to tell me why I need to trust you and tell me what the heck is going on. I can’t just for off of ‘you need to trust me, your life depends on it.’ I do I know your not the threat and trying to turn me against the friend that I have had forever?”

Book #19: Cursed By; Jennifer L. Armentrout ****

Before Reading:   By reading the book description I’m expecting a Scubbius (the mythical female creature that sits onto of men’s chest and stealing their soul…in this case killing the person by a single touch). Also I’m expecting a more girly-er version of James Patterson’s Maximum Ride Series.
As I read:
CHAPTER 1- I couldn’t help but get a Twilight feel for the last half of the chapter. My first thought of the characters,
~Dustin is a total arse
~ Adam is friend-zone as of NOW OR it’s going to be a Jacob, Bella, Edward type love triangle that I really don’t want to read about
~ Ember reminds me of me in high school gloves and all. Only instead of Frankestien I was called Smurf cuz my skin turns blue
~ Olivia is such a pure character Definately my favorite character besides Ember.
~ mysterious random guy in the corner that I’m hoping doesn’t start glittering when the sun hits him
CHAPTER 2- glad the book Ember is reading is NOT Wuthering Hieghts but the portrait of Darius Grey, finally some originality. And about time Dustin died onward to Chapter 3.
After Reading
It was  very well written over all and I loved the plot twist didn’t expect that honestly I thought it was all going to be reversed and that the coins symbolized a secret service of the gifted that wanted to stop the facility

Book #20:  Dark Horse (The Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy #1) By; Nora Roberts *****

Before this book I had never read Nora Roberts books, I have collected them over the years but had never read them. At the library the librarian recommended his book to me and told me to tell her what I thought about it. I had brought it to work and read it to the elderly lady I was looking after. She and I had stayed up all night reading it back and forth to each other because she had a copy of her own and she had no one to talk about the book too; so that made the books experience so much more magical. I thought it was going to be a scary but boy was I wrong, I loved every waking moment f it and devoured it in two nights flat. I would definitely recommend this book not only because I love books that deal with Ireland or Scotland but because it was so detailed that it felt like you were there with the characters. I will definitely be reading the rest of the trilogy.

Book #21: Miss. Peregine’s Home for Peculiar Children (Miss. Peregine’s Peculiar Children #1) By; Ransom Riggs ****

Honestly I thought this book would be about Miss Peregrine abusing peculiar (special needs) children back during WW2. BOY was I wrong!!!! All in all good book loved the characters and the plots twists and turns. Only thing I didn’t like was how slow and monotone it seemed to be. But for a first novel Ransom Riggs did an exquisite job.

Book #22: Covet (Fallen angels #1)  By; J.R. Ward ****

I got this book from and I got it through the snail mail. After a month of having it in my possession (lol) I finally read it. Honestly, the only reason I gave it a 4 is because there were so many grammatical errors in the print. All in all I loved the story line and Adrian and Eddie were my favorite. I imagined Jim as Mike off of Burn Notice.  Really wish J.R. Went more I depth with what Jim was before constructioning she went threw everyone else’s story BUT his…Or did I miss this part. All in all I liked this book as a start of the series but I like her black dagger brotherhood series SO much better.

Book#23: The Pagan Lord (The Warrior Chronicles/ Saxon Stories #7) By; Bernard Cornwell

After picking this book up at random from the library I found out that it was the 7th book in the series so I felt like I was missing a few plot points. so to give this book a rating I would find unfair.

Book #24: Dark Rival (Masters of Time #2) By; Brenda Joyce *****

Holy Cow, THAT was intense. Kept me frustrated threw the whole book making me want to hurry up and finish it. I loved the Complex disasters. I love how Allie was in love with all three of the Royce’s and I loved how her mother got tied in. Only thing I really wish Brenda Joyce did differently was put more Of Royce’s point of view in there so we the readers knew what the heck was going threw mr. Medeval’s brain, cuz his actions left you just as ‘in the dark’ as the heroine. And honestly I thought Brenda was going to do a major plot twist there at the end when Allie met Bridghe and tried talking Bridghe into staying with Rauri. I think that would have bit her in the arse Royally. But all in all Definately loved it and I will be finishing the series as fast as I can get my hands on her books from the library.

Book #25: Savage Secrets (Savage Series #3) By; Cassie Edwards ****

Loved the story line. Characters where well put together. I did find the sex scenes to be alittle repetitive. And in other places alittle awkward. But all in all looking past it all I loved it.

Book #26: Dark Embrace(Rose Trilogy #1/ Masters of time #3) By; Brenda Joyce ***

we get it your son died and you want revenge and you are not wanting a relationship at the moment Brie give up on the pushy-ness and let Aidan do his revenge thing and the be by his side and the. Once he is still alive then true feelings will emerge. Jeez.i couldn’t finish the book sorry.

Book #27: Beauty and the Werewolf  (Five Hundred Kingdoms #6) ***

I liked the last three chapters of this book to be honest. The characters were REALLY complexed. There seemed to be holes in the story and some “are you really that dense?” Moments from the characters.

Book # 28: The Iron Hunt  (Hunter Kiss #1) Majorie M. Liu *

Good story plot but how it was presented was terrible and choppy and the grammar nazis would have a field day. Would exspect this from a fan fiction novelist not a “professional” author. Seems like a poorly written and edited first draft, on top of being lost throughout the whole book(grant it it is the first book in the series). As well as, to many unanswered questions for it as it said being the first book in the series at least give us some background as far as the main characters and why the demons were locked away. So all in all 1 1/2 stars only because I liked raw, zee, and aaz and the fact that the last few chapters finally sparked my interest.

Book #29: Tiger Eye (Dirk & Steele #1) By; Majorie M. Liu ****

This story was a lot better then The Iron Hunt. I loved the idea of a tiger shapeshifter genie like story it was very different.

Book #30: Dreamcatcher By; Stephen King *

I hated this book, if  I wanted to have a detailed monologue a someones poop and farts I would have gone to work and asked the residents there!!!! definitely not Mr. King’s strong book.

Book #31 & #32: Marked & Betrayed (House of Night #1&2) By; P.C. Cast ***

I started this book back in highschool then, I recently picked it back up and reread the first book again and forgot how much I liked the series so far.

Book #32: Crave (Fallen Angels #2) By; J.R. Ward *****

This book was way better then the first!!! Loved how the characters have grown just a little bit more and the plot twist was amazing. It was morbidly appealing that the bad guy won in the end rather then each book the good guys won in the end!!

Book #33: Moon Called (Mercy Thompson #1) By; Patrica Briggs *****

Loved this book can’t wait til I read the other books. I think this is the best werewolf series I have ever read.


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