So it’s 2015 and SUPRISE its a new year, everyone is either getting back onto the band wagon to work or like me watching kids and reading books!!! Ok, ok or at the gym working off that holiday laziness!!! So without further a do (I can say it but good luck trying to get me too actually spell it lol) My New years resolutions!!!!

Things I would like to do this year:

1.) Read 50 books (last year I read 36 I think so this year I could do more)

2.) Finally finish the book(s) I am writing. I will be happy if I just finish one of the four I am working on.

3.) loose atleast 100 pounds (doc’s orders is to loose 20 pounds by March. I’m not hugely morbidly obese just husky!!! I’m 5’5 and 239 pounds. So my goal is to get down to atleast 120-125. (all you health gurus out there I would love your help achieving this so your advice is very welcome here)

4.) I want to get back on the band wagon for a job

4 1/2) And to get on said band wagon I must first get my license (that’s right I’m 21 and I don’t have a license because I have a phobia to drive (THANKS MOM))

5.) Start College in the fall and get on the road to becoming a veterinarian. After my pit Grizzly died on November 19 from Parvo I have wanted to become a Veterinarian and start up my own practice and focus on those who can afford  pet but can’t afford the medical portion of pet care. I know what you are all thinking ‘well if you cant give them the treatment it needs then you shouldn’t have a pet’ WHICH by the way grinds my bones. Normally, I can afford pet care normally but I had to go down to Florida where my grandpa was and see him before he kicks the bucket and by the time I came back Grizzly was just normal ole grizzly but I noticed that he would tire out very easily with my other dog Willow (husky/Shepard mix) so I kept my eye on him well he was doing that more and more and I thought well maybe he is just growing i’m goin to give him a few more days to recoup before I tell M that we need to see someone about this. The next day he was 40X worse puking and pooping everywhere call the hospital and it would have been close to $300 and we just didn’t have it just to get him there. the doc said wait it out till I can see him first thing in the morning. I got off the phone and called everyone I knew and with it being in the middle of the month no body had it so I called a friend down in Texas that I knew she could help tell me what I can do at home. LONG story short Grizzly di at 1:30 AM and I had to call my Aunt and tell her M and I are on our way to bury him next to Shane and Sugar (their horse n pit). On a happier note after my birthday M found an add online for a brindle Gator mouth pitbull for sale who was supposedly 6 wks runt of the litter. We took him for a check up the next day after we got him and turns out that he was really 4 weeks old and was not being fed properly his bones stuck out and he was probably a product of a puppy mill for he was very skittish. Where the couple we got him from got him from I have no clue.  ok, my rant and babble is over and everyone have a safe and fun new year!


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