The Infinite Sea

** spoiler alert ** I was astounded by the 5th Wave i wanted to keep reading, this book seemed more like a filler for what is about to come. So I’m hoping for a repeat reaction of the 5th wave with the next book. However, I did start to like Ringer better… A lot better. Vosch is The best Villain in the young adult books. He has topped my list of the top ten! He was methodical, he was more entity then person, kind of like the personification of death itself. He was terrifying. Ringer got some emotions in her FINALLY!!!
Like I said this second book seemed more of a filler for whats going to come next in the 5th Wave series. The story seemed to be dull and dragging on for ever in one part ant then the next it was like BAM!!! you’re sucked in and when your husband says lets go eat and you say ok after this chapter (which is only like a half a page) you end up reading that whole part and then its boring again and you have an annoyed husband. for my hubby if you are reading this “Look buddy I would not have know about this book if you hadn’t come home and said ‘Babe we must read this'” So it’s ALL YOUR FAULT!!!
Evan needs to figure out what he want’s to do live or be blown up he needs to stop trying to blow himself up it was heroic the first time, this second time all though not his fault, still ticked me off!!! I will be heart broken if he died. He’s my favorite!!! I liked Cassie I really did but in this book WOW she needed to pull on her big girl nannies and quit sitting around for this boy!!!! She had her brother to think about and whole bunch of other people that she made into sitting ducks.
the 7th part of this book you can tell Rick Yancey is building towards something. and that sparked my interest immensely. that whole sequence is what made this book in my opinion. My least favorite part is when Poundcake died…. That broke my feelers….:'( And the fact that most of this book was them deciding if they were going to leave the Walker Inn or stay sitting ducks.
All in all, my opinion of this second installment of the 5th Wave series are mixed but I definitely want to see what happens next for sure!!!


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