Dark Symphony By Christine Feehan

This was a nice addition to the Dark Series. I honestly have gotten bored with the series itself due to repetition of what a Carpathian is and what a life mate is. as well as how they find each other. this book on the other hand was refreshing because, Christine introduced a new creature the Scarletti Jaguar clan. The Heroine is a blind pianist that falls in love with the Carpathian Byron. The Scarletti Palazzo is said to be cursed due to a series of unfortunate events (i.e. strange deaths, missing persons etc). Antonietta (the blind Scarletti) and Bryon embark on who is committing these latest crimes against the Scarletti family which sends them closer (at least Antonietta because Byron is already in love with her) to a romantic endeavor.
This book did have some lulls but kept up with a fast pace of Heroic life saving and life changing steamy sex, with a dash of Criminal minds Mystery. My favorite character in the book has to be Josef, Byron’s nephew, I mean come on that rap he did was hilariously jaw dropping. Josef also was quirky and young at heart. My least favorite character was Marita even though what was done to her was sad but I mean seriously if my kid had a family crest fall on her I wouldn’t let my cousin care for her while I play dramatics and faint. I would be there trying to be level headed and making sure my child was OK while I’m secretly freaking out.
My favorite scene was when Josef made the Gargoyle come to life as a prank on Byron, that was hilarious. My least favorite scene was when Marita kept fainting, she talks about how she is as strong as the Scarletti but when ever something bad happens she ends up fainting or screaming her head of.
but all in all again this was a refreshing change of events and has been steadily becoming more interesting over the last two or three books and I can’t wait to see where Feehan will take the Jaguar Clan in the up coming books and what other creatures lurk in the Carpathian world.



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